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My Hopes

I got married mid-April of this year, so I am very much the newlywed.  My husband is deploying overseas in just a few weeks.  It scares me because, while we have been together for a year, we have only been married one month!!  I wish he could stay home for a while longer, but I knew when I married him that he would be leaving very shortly after the wedding.  Some people think it was stupid of us to get married knowing he was leaving so soon, but we decided that this is what we wanted so we went for it.

I am proud of my husband for being a soldier, but I wish I could keep him home.  Im sure the seperation for this year wont harm us any more than it harms any other couple.  I just want more time to build our life together.

I am taking these few weeks off work so that I wont have to go in on weekends or deal with any of the bull that comes with working in a restaurant and not getting time at home.  I just hope that when I go back they have a place for me.  My general manager is a real jerk and I wouldnt put it past him to tell me that they dont have any shifts to give me...and basically fire me or "let me go" due to me not being needed anymore.  He is the kind of person who does underhanded things like that.  He is just stupid.  He told me to go a head and take this time off and be with my husband, but just because he said that doesnt mean he is okay with it and that he will allow me to come back.

My hopes (as i titled this entry) include: having my stepson here with me and not in Kentucky.  But it is not up to me at this point.  The whole thing is still new and I understand that he is better off with close family during this first deployment.  I also wish that my husband could be home for longer and that my job wouldnt hold it against me that I want to be near him as long as I can before the choice is taken away by the Army. 

Thats all for now.  I believe that I am going to enjoy using this journal to vent and put down my thoughts during what is going to be the toughest year of my life (until next deployment that is).



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