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Contact from my Hubby

He was able to call me last night for 15 minutes...It was good to hear his voice although the connection was horrible and it didnt really even sound like him...but having him tell me how much he loves me and misses me was exactly what I wanted to hear...It sounds stupid, but I am walking around in a haze missing him like there is no tomorrow, my heart honestly aches..and hearing him say he misses me too puts me at peace.  Of course he misses me, thats what makes my excitement so silly.

This morning he was able to get online to a messenger.  I got on and talked to him for an hour!  its late there so he had to get to bed.  The internet connection had a HUGE lag so he wasnt getting my messages right away and the conversation was a little confusing.  By the end he said he had to get off cause he couldnt stay on all night...I am not sure if he was being short with me, but thats how it seemed.  I was warned that communication would be abrupt in a manner of speaking.  They have things to do over there and his tension is high.  I was told that it may seem like he is being cold but he really isnt.  Time isnt unlimited there....  I just have to keep reminding myself of that I guess, so that I dont get upset if I get that feeling after we talk online.

I have already written him 4 letters in the past 3 days!  I cant send them out until mid next week so that they get there when he gets there, so he is going to have a HUGE stack of letters by the time I am able to send them!  Like 7-10 all at once!

I like writing him atleast once a day.  I dont really talk about much.  Little menial things like movies I watched and what I did during the day.  How much I miss him, things like that.  I know that even if the letters are just like that he will love them.  I hope he is able to write a letter and drop it in the mail soon.  I cant send mine, but he can send his...

I am going to start crocheting.  I wanted to knit but the concept escapes me.  Crocheting looks just fine and I can make a big old blanket for the bed or for cuddling up on the couch.  It will also keep me occupied ya know?!  While Im sitting in bed or on the couch I can just pick it up and work on it as I watch a movie or something.  It will make me feel as if I am accomplishing something with my time instead of just watching a lot of movies and tv and reading a lot of books.  I have already read 3 in the past 4 days and watched 5 movies..and countless sitcoms on TV.



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