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We went onto post early this morning for the farewell ceremony.  We stood around and loved on each other for 2 hours...Then his stupid Sgt. said that everyone had 2 minutes to say goodbye to their loved ones and get into formation.  We didnt cry until that was said.  I guess we were in denial that it was really happening...Who knows...but we hugged and kissed and cried then he had to run over for formation.


I walked over and watched with the other families as they did role call.  Ran through procedures, blah blah blah....I was standing their in the rain crying my eyes out...and just watching him so close but being unable to touch him...

Then his Sgt said that they could have 10 more minutes with their families.  He ran over and we hugged and kissed and cried.  Sobbed would be a better word for what happened.  Everytime we looked at each other we started up again...There arent enough kisses and hugs in the world to make up for not having them for a year...I dont know how I am gonna manage.  I can hardly go 10 minutes without kissing him...12 months seems like an eternity.

So he is gone...and I am lonely...and missing him more than I thought possible.  It feels like half my heart has been ripped away.  He is the love of my life.  

Here i sit listening to sappy love songs about seperation and missing someone...I just got a call from him, but it ended too soon!  It will be a while before I get another call.  Can only hope he keeps up with letters as well as I am.. I have already written one.




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